3 Big Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

Immigration has never been a simple legal subject. Entering the United States as an immigrant has never been considered easy, either. From complicated United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) rules to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) interference, there are many things that can go wrong when applying for a visa, obtaining citizenship, or just visiting the country.

Many people choose to work with an immigration attorney to overcome all of these possible issues. But if you are still wondering if hiring an immigration lawyer is worth it, then we invite you to check out three major benefits you can get when a legal professional is on your side and acting as your guide.

Paperwork Done Right

Some people who are denied immigration by the USCIS are not denied due to some reason specific to themselves. Instead, they are denied due to a clerical error that happens at some point in the application process.

You could forget a signature on one sheet and have your application denied. Or maybe you misunderstood one of the fields you had to fill out and put incorrect information or left it blank? A clerical error could even be something as simple as misspelling something on the application, or it can be something as frustrating as missing a filing date.

The average USCIS agent and foreign embassy expect every piece of paperwork to be in order and error-free. A good way to make certain you match their high expectations is by working with an immigration law attorney who has holds their own work to the same strict standards. With an attorney acting on your behalf, you can be confident that you have all the right paperwork, fill it out correctly, and file it on time.

Evidence of Described Relationship

Entering the country through a form of sponsorship requires that you can prove you are actually related to your sponsor in the way that you have listed. For example, family members who are United States citizens or legal permanent residents (LPR) can sponsor you to enter the country through a family-related visa. Or an employer might want to sponsor you for an employment-related visa in order to bring you into the country to work with them as a new employee or a specialist.

The USCIS might ask you to provide ample proof that you are a family member or a soon-to-be employee. Even if you provide the usual required documents with your application, you can be asked for even more verification later. An attorney brings the benefit of experience and knowledge into USCIS processes, including what they want to see when they ask for proof of your relation to your sponsor. Without a lawyer, you could lose valuable time sending more documents that do not even gain your application the approval it needs.

Professional Representation for Hearings & Inquiries

You could be required to attend an immigration law hearing as an immigrant in the country, someone who wants to enter the country, or a sponsor to an immigrant. The situation might not be concerned with any serious legal matters, but that does not mean it will feel any less intimidating or confusing. The USCIS is not known for making hearings welcoming, nor do they make preparing for such a hearing easy.

The most useful benefit of hiring an immigration lawyer for your immigration law case might be the ability to let them represent you when it counts the most. When attending most USCIS hearings, you can allow your attorney to act on your behalf. In doing so, you will make all of their experience and insight your own, as if you were the one who had a dedicated career in immigration law!

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